Graduates of a PECI energy efficiency workforce training program

Training & Education

Successful energy efficiency programs rely on a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce to educate customers and implement energy improvements in buildings. PECI develops and deploys training programs and educational materials addressing a range of topics from sales tactics and customer service to the technical and operational aspects of energy efficiency measures and approaches.

Program-Based Training
PECI offers a range of training activities that develop knowledge and skills critical to the success of energy efficiency programs.

Seminars and Workshops
From one-hour webinars to intensive day-long sessions, PECI develops and hosts short courses on a variety of technical and non-technical topics.

PECI uses e-learning platforms to effectively deploy training to busy industry professionals.

Hands-on Training
PECI provides hands-on training to allow participants to practice new skills and reinforce key concepts

EnergySmart Jobs
An initiative of Energy Upgrade California, EnergySmart Jobs works with businesses to lower their energy costs, while also meeting the state’s urgent need for job creation improved energy efficiency. Click here for more information.

Commissioning Authority Training 
PECI has developed a comprehensive training program for commercial building commissioning authorities. This comprehensive training – a combination of e-learning and hands-on skill building – was developed by leaders in the commissioning industry and encompasses the commissioning process, building systems fundamentals, and building performance analysis. The program was developed by PECI, with additional funding from the US Department of Energy and partners such as Building Commissioning Association, California Commissioning Collaborative, California Energy Commission, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and NYSERDA. Similar training for commercial building energy auditors will be released soon. See full details on the Commissioning Authority Training Program.


PECI manages the Building Commissioning Association’s Webinar Series which covers processes and technical issues related to commissioning. These webinars have been very successful, with more than 600 people attending multiple webinars, and evaluation scores consistently rating above average.

In 2010, PECI trained 299 builders, plus 131 designers/architects, 62 HVAC contractors, 293 real estate professionals and 15 verifiers, through Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Homes & Products program.