Services-Program Design

Program Design

PECI designs custom energy-efficiency programs for our clients. We tailor our programs to specific regions and territories, adapting measure mixes and program parameters for the highest energy savings potential. Our on-the-ground field and energy analyst staff engage in face-to-face conversations with stakeholders, and inform our program design with a solid understanding of the market and target audience. Our decades of experience have prepared us to foresee and overcome market barriers, develop programs that deliver verifiable results, and provide transparency to third-party evaluators.

Regulatory Support & Compliance
PECI staff deliver full regulatory support via in-depth savings and market analyses, reporting, tariff analysis and in-person engagements. Our teams then incorporate each client’s regulatory requirements into prescriptive compliance protocols ensuring all guidelines are met with full transparency.

Program Implementation
PECI offers comprehensive administration and implementation services for each program we design. Integrated marketing, incentive processing, engineering and technical support, and market research each help make our programs strong, adaptable and market-specific. Click here for more information. 

Technical Support
PECI’s in-house engineers conduct engineering analyses and other technical services to support the development of programs. This includes emerging technology research, the development of new measures and service offerings, technical reviews of custom analyses, and site audits and inspections. Click here for more information.

Continuous Improvement
PECI seeks to improve our programs based on what works, and what we learn.  We consider technological advances, marketplace shifts and barriers, and regulatory changes. We collaborate with our partners to bring the next generation of program offerings to the market.