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Pilots & Emerging Technology

The energy-efficiency industry is all about progression, and PECI leads the charge with research and pilot projects that identify and test emerging technologies. This work is informed by practical experience in utility program design and implementation, as we provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions that achieve greater energy savings for their customers.

Emerging Technology Research
PECI analyzes new products, approaches, processes and applications to determine viability for energy efficiency programs. We also interact with product developers through field testing to help them improve their products.

Technology Assessments
Technical assessments of new and emerging technologies focus on applicability, functionality, market barriers, cost-effectiveness and potential energy savings.

Technical Demonstrations & Pilots
PECI conducts pilot projects and technical demonstrations to provide quantifiable results needed to evaluate new technologies and approaches.

Program Pilots
PECI designs and implements program pilots that can be easily scaled to full deployment. Our pilot programs test both technology implementation practices and new program designs on a small scale to hone the approach and optimize results.


PECI conducted field studies of four manufacturers' advanced Rooftop Unit controls that have the potential to save more than 25% of HVAC energy use.

PECI piloted 5 home energy monitoring systems and recommended 3 for inclusion in programs.