Services-Codes Standards

Codes & Standards

Political and market forces are driving increased energy efficiency through new building codes and standards. PECI provides research and analysis to support the development of these codes and standards from concept through implementation. We also work with our clients to ensure current and future regulatory efficiency goals and requirements are met.

Code Concept Research & Development
PECI conducts independent research and employs best practices from international, national and regional codes and standards initiatives to deliver concepts tailored to our clients’ needs.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Thorough analysis is essential to ensuring that code changes are cost-effective and achieve their energy-efficiency targets. PECI offers analysis to determine the energy savings and costs associated with individual code changes or comprehensive code upgrades.

Code Drafting
On behalf of our utility and regulator clients, PECI works with code officials and contractors to draft clearly articulated and enforceable codes.

Code Hearing Support
As technical experts and authors of various code change proposals, PECI provides support to our clients by attending code hearings and public forums, answering questions, and explaining technical rational.

Compliance Training & Enforcement
We provide outreach and training for code officials and design engineers looking to improve compliance with new energy codes. We also work with code officials, regulatory staff and contractors to investigate code enforcement and compliance issues, and to explore potential solutions.


From 2008-2009, PECI assisted the Oregon Department of Energy and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) in updating the Oregon Energy Code, adopted in 2010. This code update improves energy efficiency of new buildings by 15%. The Oregon Reach Code provides an optional path to very high efficiency and is slated for adoption in March 2012.

PECI provided technical support for California’s utility-sponsored Codes & Standards Enhancement (CASE) Initiative. We developed code change proposals for California’s Title 24 2013 energy-efficiency standards including requirements for packaged roof top units, commercial and process boilers, refrigerated warehouses,  acceptance tests, and design-phase commissioning.