Featured Programs

When we deliver an energy efficiency program, we’re not just delivering an energy efficiency program. We’re seeing how the market reacts to it and recognizing/extrapolating trends, identifying barriers to wider adoption and hunting for gems of insight to inform the next evolutions of our industry.

Here are a few recent stories and successes we’ve gathered during that process.  

AirCare Plus®

We modeled the potential energy savings of upgrading HVAC equipment in U.S. commercial buildings and produced a staggering figure: 350 trillion Btu saved. Read how, since 2002, our AirCare Plus programs have been working to bring this vast potential to life for utilities and utility customers nationwide.

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

Also known as retrocommissioning (RCx), this process of testing and improving the performance of energy-using systems in commercial buildings was first defined more than two decades ago. Still, the industry has struggled to make the principles cost-effective in any but the largest buildings. Learn how our real-world experience and work with new analytics-based concepts is helping these valuable strategies make the leap into new markets.

Energy Information Systems

Energy Information Systems (EIS) are gaining prevalence in our industry because they eliminate a longstanding barrier to the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and habits: the inherently limited visibility into energy usage and its impacts. PECI has spent the last several years researching EIS tools and piloting their implementation into energy efficiency programs. Read on for highlights of our recent and relevant papers, reports and other pieces on the topic.