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While others choose to ignore hard-to-reach markets, we fully embrace the challenge. It’s one reason our commercial programs have made such a name for themselves. Our track record of delivering persistent savings doesn’t hurt either.

AirCare Plus™
AirCare Plus helps businesses save energy and money by optimizing HVAC performance. Through comprehensive diagnostic tune-ups, offered at no cost to the customer, we’re able to greatly improve the efficiency and longevity of existing HVAC systems.
AirCare Plus is the only program in the field that is designed specifically to honor existing service contracts. The program works through the existing contractor network to deliver services to customers by providing advanced training for technicians to optimize efficiency of existing roof top units and to install high-efficiency units. It includes training, tools, quality control and incentives.
AirCare Plus was honored with PG&E Integration Awards in 2009 and 2010 recognizing robust coordination activities with PG&E Sales and Service representatives, and with several of the energy-efficiency programs in the utility’s portfolio.
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EnergySmart Grocer
The EnergySmart Grocer program unlocks large energy savings in hard-to-reach grocery businesses from convenience stores to supermarkets. We deliver high levels of retrofit adoption, resulting in significant electric energy efficiency and savings.
EnergySmart Grocer provides grocers and restaurants with a complete set of services for refrigeration, heating and lighting. Skilled and trained energy analysts and contractors deliver services in the field. This combination delivers high participation in this prescriptive rebate program. Services include:
     No-Cost energy audit
     Site-specific energy savings analysis
     Recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades
     Direct installation of quick payback measures
     Contractor participation
     Preferred contractor management
     Technical consultation
     Financial rebates and rebate application assistance
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EnergySmart Jobs
EnergySmart Jobs was a groundbreaking program designed to answer California’s immediate need for job creation, long-term energy savings and new technology adoption. By working to make commercial facilities throughout California more energy-efficient, EnergySmart Jobs helped businesses save energy and money. The EnergySmart Jobs Program was an initiative of Energy Upgrade California; it was administered by PECI and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) through the U.S. Department of Energy and California Energy Commission.
EnergySmart Jobs trained energy surveyors from the California Conservation Corps and sent them out to conduct energy surveys of commercial retail outlets. Participating contractors then worked with these stores to install energy efficiency retrofits based on opportunities identified in the survey. Finally, the program provided rebates and incentives to help lower the cost of these retrofit projects.
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Since 2006, the Pacific Northwest EnergySmart Grocer programs have delivered over 227 million kWh of savings to the region.

EnergySmart Jobs has provided energy efficiency training to over 200 individuals and is on track to create over 200 new jobs based on calculations of the program’s economic stimulus effects.

Since its launch in 2002, AirCare Plus has upgraded 30,000 HVAC units, saving 78 million kWh and more than 1 million Therms.