New Construction

It goes without saying that energy efficiency is a fundamental component of high-performance buildings. Our comprehensive programs play a key role in determining which energy-efficient features are employed during each new phase of commercial building development, from design all the way through post-occupancy.

New Construction Program Design & Delivery
We deliver incentive options that promote efficient and sustainable building practices, and drive the next generation of efficiency codes and standards.

Marketing & Outreach
Our new construction marketing and outreach teams maintain strong relationships with all members of the development and design community. In addition, we provide technical assistance, training, and coordinate communications between all parties.

Net-Zero Program Design
We developed and piloted incentive offerings for Energy Trust of Oregon New Buildings that promote and support the design and construction of net-zero buildings.

Small Commercial Market Expertise
We create incentive offerings geared specifically toward small commercial buildings. These include design assistance and a comprehensive package of cost-effective, energy-efficient measures.

Early Design Assistance
We designed an incentive offering to help building owners and designers seamlessly integrate energy efficiency into their initial planning and design.

Energy Modeling
Our engineers provide technical reviews and feedback to energy analysts who submit whole-building energy models for incentives.


In 2010, PECI completed 236 new construction projects for commercial, industrial and multifamily customers participating in Energy Trust New Buildings. This resulted in savings of more than 20 million kWh and more than one million therms.