Commercial Lighting

PECI has been running energy efficiency lighting programs for commercial buildings for more than two decades. In the process, we’ve developed key relationships with manufacturers, contractors and building operators and owners. We’ve put this experience to work by creating a framework that allows lighting programs to navigate the market and avoid setbacks to energy-efficient lighting adoption. Our programs are designed with the flexibility to respond to new lighting performance standards, enabling utilities to customize incentive levels to customers and claim significant energy savings from lighting for years to come.

Case Lighting Replacement
Replacement of T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps to LED in refrigerated cases can provide the customer an average of 75% energy savings. The energy savings also include the reduction of load on the refrigeration system in the display cases.

Exterior (Parking Lot) Lighting Replacement
LEDs provide energy savings equal to that of canopy lighting: 30-70% with the additional benefit of better color rendering, less trespass lighting from fixtures, and lower maintenance costs.

T8, T12 Fluorescent Lamps Upgrades
PECI helps commercial customers take advantage of utility programs that offer incentives to customers who upgrade standard T8 fluorescent to a lower wattage lamp as in 28 or 25 T8s. In addition, utilities are offering increased incentives to replace T12 fluorescents to low wattage T8 fluorescents in preparation for the new lighting performance standards with EISA in 2012.

Program Flexibility
PECI designs programs with the flexibility to respond to market affects of new lighting performance standards mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), phasing in on January 1, 2012.

Residential Lighting Programs
Lighting is the easiest energy efficiency measure for residential consumers to adopt – it calls for a low up-front investment, has an established distribution channel, requires no cost for installation and involves minimal effort for maximum energy savings. The benefit for utilities is clear: more savings, less cost. Click here for more information.