PECI employee working with an HVAC contractor on options to improve HVAC energy efficiency

HVAC Energy Efficiency Solutions

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically among the largest energy consumers in homes, commercial buildings and warehouses alike. As a result, improving the energy efficiency of HVAC systems is an especially effective way to save energy and energy costs. PECI has earned a reputation as an innovator in achieving cost-effective, long term energy saving from HVAC systems through technical innovation and effective utility programs. 

We have developed customizable, configurable tools and program elements that enable utilities to reach into the entire range of commercial HVAC market segments, including those that are traditionally hard to reach, like convenience stores and small retailers. PECI’s discrete program elements allow utilities to configure programs that best meet customer needs and utility goals for budget and energy savings. 

Configurable program elements include:

  • Rigorous technical analysis and innovation
  • Industry standards-based program designs
  • Sustainable stakeholder relationships
  • Adaptable program technology backbone
  • Evaluation-ready program approach
  • Incentive processing
  • Internal and field auditing 

Here are a few examples of how these elements combined to produce successful utility programs. 

AirCare Plus®

AirCare Plus is a turn-key program that has provided over 40,000 diagnostic tune-ups of commercial HVAC systems. AirCare Plus is an ideal choice for utilities that are seeking to easily enter the HVAC market, quickly capture energy savings from HVAC measures and build relationships with area HVAC contractors.

Read more about the PECI’s AirCare Plus program.

Quality Maintenance

Quality Maintenance aims to change the way people think about HVAC maintenance. In place of the previously dominant “run-to-fail” philosophy, Quality Maintenance promotes comprehensive, preventative maintenance based on a universal standard, Standard 180.  This high-touch program aims to build strong relationships between customers, contractors and the utility. To date, Quality Maintenance is the only Standard 180-based program in the U.S. endorsed by ACCA and ASHRAE.

Read more about the Quality Maintenance program.

Engineering Expertise and Technical Leadership

PECI’s deep HVAC engineering expertise includes wide-ranging investigation and analysis of energy-efficiency technologies and approaches. We also provide technical support and oversight of project and program implementation.

Read more about Engineering’s role in HVAC solutions.

Maintenance Planning System

PECI’s sophisticated Maintenance Planning System (MPS) serves as the technology backbone for HVAC programs. This comprehensive web-based tool ties together data needs of all of the stakeholders in an HVAC program: contractors, technicians, program implementers and the utility.

Learn more about the MPS.

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