Archived Conferences

  • Pacific Grove, CA 08-17-2014 to 08-22-2014

    American Council for and Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) hosts a diverse group of professionals from around the world will gather at this pre-eminent meeting to discuss the technological basis for, and practical implementation of, actions to reduce energy use and the climate impacts associated with buildings. 

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    Conquering Leakage, Breakage and Equitable Allocation by Dialing Up Big Data
    Bob Stull, PECI
    Sarah Moore, BPA
    Matt Braman, Energy Trust of Oregon
    Greg Stiles, PacifiCorp

    The Good, Better and Best Ways to Overcome Barriers in the Small Commercial Market 
    Cindy Strecker, PECI
    Michael Crayne, PECI
    Jessica Rose, Energy Trust of Oregon

    Widening Access to Energy Savings: Use On-Bill Financing to Bring Comprehensive Projects to Hard-to-Reach Customers
    Danielle Geers, PECI
    Pacific Gas & Electric

  • Hartford, CT 05-19-2014 to 05-21-2014

    The Building Commissioning Association's (BCxA) 2014 National Conference on Building Commissioning (NCBC) gathers leaders in commercial building and energy-related industries to engage in challenging knowledge exchange, featuring the latest commissioning technologies and services, stimulating presentations, and meaningful professional networking.

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    Methods for Achieving Designed Performance
    Phil Jordan, PECI

    Persistence Through EIS/EMIS
    Amber Buhl, PECI

    Eliot Crowe, Technical Program Manager, talks Gamification at NCBC in his blog post, "Gamification of Energy Efficiency Education? There's an App for That!"

  • Baltimore, MD 05-12-2014 to 05-14-2014

    Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP) Spring conference focuses on Marketing and Implementation: Finding New Pathways to Reach Program Goals.

    Karen Healey, Director of Marketing, shares themes and major conference take-aways in her blog post, "Please Sir, I Want Some More. Marketing Data, That Is."

  • Kennewick, WA 05-06-2014 to 05-08-2014

    Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) join forces to host this event, "where energy meets efficiency." 

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    So What Do Business Customers Actually Think About EE? A View Into the Minds of Our Customers
    Nick Brod, PECI
    Ken Nelson, City of Kennewick Public Works
    Ron Major, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services
    David Wright, Kroger

    Stop Talking About Money: Selling Energy Efficiency Isn't About Selling "Energy Efficiency"
    Nick Brod, PECI
    Ed Wales, Energy Trust of Oregon

    Lee Kuhl, Evergreen Consulting Group
    Briand DiGiorgio, Energy Trust of Oregon

    Industrial Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) Characterization
    Eliot Crowe, PECI
    Nick Leritz, NEEA


  • Detroit, MI 04-29-2014 to 05-01-2014

    Affordable Comfort Inc. is the leading educational resource for the home performance industry.

    Emily Kemper, Technical Manager - Building Science, talks smart grid from ACI in her blog post, "Home Performance is Not Just About Energy."

  • Baltimore, MD 03-30-2014 to 04-01-2014

    American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy offers this Symposium as an opportunity for a diverse group of attendees to network, compare programs, learn about new MT approaches, and discuss the latest issues facing the energy efficiency and market transformation communities.

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    Achieving Higher Savings with Whole Building Approaches: From Design to Evaluation
    Phil Welker, PECI 
    Tracey Beckstrom, National Grid 
    Tom Rooney, TRC Solutions
    Sean Denniston, New Buildings Institute 


  • San Diego, CA 03-12-2014 to 03-14-2014

    Western Energy Institute designs this event to meet the unique needs of corporate services and customer connections professionals in the energy industry, offering thought-provoking discussions, interactive roundtables and dynamic presentations from industry leaders.

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    Transformational Approach to DR and EE
    Jenny Roehm, PECI


  • San Diego, CA 01-27-2014 to 01-30-2014
    The premier energy industry conference that draws the top program managers, policy makers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, consultants and vendors in energy efficiency. Highly regarded experts in their respective fields will lead over 60 sessions that will cover the range of current topics in program design, implementation, pricing, marketing, research, evaluation and more. 
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    Data-Driven Energy Efficiency: How Energy Information Systems Can Improve Programs  
    Colin Sng, PECI


  • Chicago, IL 01-14-2014 to 01-16-2014

    Midwest Energy Solutions Conference - Once a year, MEEA invites all energy stakeholders to gather, raise awareness and reinforce the importance of energy efficiency in the Midwest. This annual conference is about celebrating accomplishments and inspirations in energy efficiency, as well as laying out the efficiency program and policy landscape for the coming year.

    Tom Quasius, Director of Strategy & Development, Midwest, recaps what was "Trending at Midwest Energy Solutions Conference," in his latest blog post. 

  • Portland, OR 11-19-2013 to 11-20-2013
    The OpenADR 2.0 Workshop focuses on providing a conceptual, as well as a detailed technical understanding of what OpenADR 2.0 is and how it works. Participants will become familiar with the OpenADR 2.0 technology; Certification Profiles a and b; the formal conformance certification program and the pre-certification tests and tools for these profiles and OpenADR 2.0 technology. The two-day workshop will be presented by QualityLogic's Chief Test Architect, Jim Zuber. 
    Complete details and enrollment links are on the Workshop event page:
    Date/time:   November 19 (9 am - 5 pm) and November 20 (9 am - 2 pm)
    Venue:        PECI (100 SW Main Street, Suite 1600, Portland, OR  97204)
    Cost:           Varies for OpenADR Alliance members and Non-Alliance members (please see website for early bird rates, etc.)
                       - Air travel: Portland International Airport (PDX)
                       - Hotel: Hotel Modera (request PECI corporate rate, if available)
                       - Meals: Lunch and breaks are included in registration

    Questions? Please contact James Mater, Quality Logic, Inc Director, at or 503.780.9796.

  • Sacramento, CA 11-18-2013 to 11-20-2013
    A conference focused on understanding the behavior and decision-making of individuals and organizations and on using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy.
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    Dain Nestel, PECI
    Kelly Rose, PECI
    Amber Buhl, PECI


  • Portland, OR 10-15-2013
    The GoGreen Conference is a sustainability learning experience for business and government decision-makers.
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    Employee Engagement and Behavior Change Through Competition
    Jami Walker, PECI
    Kelly Merrick, PECI
  • Seattle, WA 09-30-2013 to 10-02-2013
    Energy professionals use AESP as a resource and a catalyst to add more value to their organizations through people networks, collaboration and leadership development. 
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    Engineering is critical, but…
    Mana Haeri, PECI
    Susan Jowaiszas, Energy Trust of Oregon


  • Nashville, TN 09-22-2013 to 09-24-2013

    A biennial event first held in 2001, Energy Efficiency as a Resource is widely recognized as the premiere event for examining energy efficiency as a strategic and critical utility system resource. 

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  • Niagara Falls, NY 07-23-2013 to 07-26-2013

    "Thinking Forward: Leadership in a Global Marketplace" - participants from around the world will gather to discuss technical, policy, financing and program issues related to increasing EE in industry.

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    Enhancing the value of evaluation research for industrial EE efforts
    Kerstin Rock, PECI
    Rafael Friedmann, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
    Jennifer Eskil, Bonneville Power Administration