Model Commissioning Plans & Guide Specifications

A complete toolkit of materials to incorporate building commissioning into your project.


  • Obtain an expert commissioning provider through the comprehensive commissioning services solicitation, appropriate for negotiated or fixed fee contracts.
  • Minimize system deficiencies by using the design phase commissioning requirements.
  • Experience successful QA during construction by incorporating the detailed enforceable specifications.
  • Enjoy a smooth building turnover by using the systematic commissioning procedures.
  • Start today using the fully editable electronic format document.


The Model Commissioning Plan and Guide Specifications details the commissioning process for new equipment during both the design and construction phases for larger projects. Going beyond commissioning guidelines, the document provides boilerplate language, content, format and forms for specifying and executing commissioning. The document generally builds upon The HVAC Commissioning Process, ASHRAE Guideline 1, 1996, with significant additional detail, clarification and interpretation added. The document contains four parts, totaling over 500 pages:

  1. Part I. Commissioning Requirements — Design Phase
    Commissioning requirements of the design team, including a full solicitation for commissioning services using either a negotiated or fixed-fee basis.
  2. Part II. Model Commissioning Plan — Design Phase
    Detailed commissioning boilerplate plan for commissioning during design, including design intent and basis of design format for 15 system types.
  3. Part III. Commissioning Guide Specifications
    Comprehensive guide specifications by specification section, covering protocols, procedures, and responsibilities of all parties. Includes complete specification language for Divisions 1, 15, 16 and 17. This part includes testing requirements for 15 system types. Also included are detailed prefunctional checklists for 20 types of equipment and example functional test procedures for 30 system types.
  4. Part IV. Model Commissioning Plan — Construction Phase
    Modular boilerplate commissioning plan with 30 representative forms to facilitate the commissioning process.



Provides owners with a commissioning process they can direct their design and construction teams to incorporate. The document also provides a full commissioning services solicitation for use with negotiated or fixed-fee contract arrangements.


Architects and engineers can use the document to guide them through the commissioning process during both design and construction, including the development of commissioning specifications. Boilerplate language has been provided electronically to ease the customizing process.

Commissioning Providers

Commissioning providers can use the design and construction phase boilerplate commissioning plans for developing site-specific plans. The guide commissioning specifications will assist the commissioning provider in developing site-specific specifications. Construction-phase commissioning forms have been provided, as well as prefunctional and example functional tests.

Project Managers

Building construction and project managers can use the document to learn how the process is structured, the typical documentation required and the management protocols that may be used.


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