It Pays to Work for Two Wheels Not Four

source: RateMyVelo (Franz-Micheal Melbin)

I've been bike commuting since the days when, well when bike commuting was still seen as kind of weird. When there weren't commuter bikes or commuter bags or even bike commute challenges. My wife bike commutes and even my 20-month old does it occasionally (although he doesn't really have a choice in the matter). This being the case, I'm always excited to see data come out that illustrates the positive impact of bike commuting both to the environment and my wallet. 

Our friends at Grist are chatting about some data publicized by James Schwartz of The Urban Country who has found that Americans spend 2 hours of their work day to cover the cost of their cars. In contrast, Schwartz found that Americans only spend 3.84 minutes of their work day to cover their bicycle costs. And the bicycle costs in Schwartz's calculation are actually based off of a conservative estimate that takes into account a new bike purchase every 5 years. With the mileage I get on my commuter and my resistance to paying someone else to do my bike check-ups, I'm thinking that I'm getting by with spending like 2 minutes of my work day to cover my bicycle costs.

Considering it took me 35 minutes of my work time to write this post, that's a whole fleet of bikes I just paid for today. Maybe, I'll stroll over to my friendly neighborhood Bike Gallery during my lunch break and see if there are any good deals on new commuters...


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