Headquarters of PECI, a non-profit energy efficiency consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon


At PECI, we design and manage energy efficiency programs for utility providers, government organizations and other clients. Our programs aim to promote the understanding and adoption of energy-efficient technology, and demonstrate the value of efficient homes, retail spaces, offices and warehouses.

Our work helps save energy, natural resources and money. And, person by person, building by building, it reshapes the world around us. This is Energy for Change®.

We hope to create an environment in which a new awareness – of energy efficiency as a reliable resource to save energy, natural resources and money – can grow.

To do this, PECI:

  • Creates and sustains relationships with all stakeholders. Everyone who makes, sells, buys, installs and uses energy-efficient technologies.
  • Captures and analyzes data to help stakeholders realign their businesses to serve new demand.
  • Identifies and removes market barriers.

Our experience nationally, regionally and locally has taught us that energy efficiency goals and regulations vary widely according to geography. To ensure the success that only a thoughtful and tailored approach can bring, we collaborate with:

  • Utilities – Investor-owned utilities, Municipal-owned utilities, utility consortiums
  • Customers – Residential, commercial, industrial, hard-to-reach, niche markets
  • Supply Chain – Manufacturers, distributors, retailers
  • Trade Allies – Contractors, architects, builders, inspectors, appraisers, realtors, evaluators, energy assessors, financing entities
  • Workforce Training Centers – Community colleges, state employment and training organizations, licensing and certification bodies
  • Government – Federal departments and agencies, national labs, public utility commissions, regional planning and policymakers, state energy offices
  • National and Regional Associations – trade organizations for engineers/contractors/architects/energy service professionals, energy efficiency organizations, clean energy concerns, conservation groups,  research institutes, utility alliances

Our Commitment to Clients
We value every opportunity to make energy efficiency a reliable resource for our clients. They have come to count on PECI’s ability to:

  • Become a long-term partner that consistently cultivates new industry insights
  • Tailor solutions to meet individual client goals and needs
  • Reliably manage resources, schedules and finances to ensure programs remain on budget and meet or exceed contract goals

Our Commitment to Customers
PECI’s solutions help end-use customers:

  • Clearly understand their energy use
  • Evaluate energy efficiency options
  • Choose worthwhile energy-saving investments
  • Find reliable contractors and installers
  • Receive incentives for energy-efficient upgrades
  • Understand how to maintain equipment so savings last
  • Monitor results and make adjustments
  • Save energy and money