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Energy Information Systems are shaping the future of energy efficiency 

AirCare Plus taps the huge potential of HVAC energy efficiency. Learn how our tune-up and retrofit program could save 350 trillion Btu nationwide. 

“At PECI, we create products and programs that help buildings of all types achieve a higher standard of energy efficiency. Our work helps save energy, natural resources and money. And, building by building, person by person, it reshapes the world around us. This is Energy for Change. ”
— Phil Welker Executive Director
“Utah Home Performance has been a great program to partner with. In the past year, we’ve done 358 energy audits through that program alone. The homeowners really appreciate what we’ve done for them, and we take a lot of pride in helping them save as much energy as possible. ”
— Jeff Williams Lone Pine Energy Consultants
Draper, Utah